Miss Millie

Evident in an email “Millie’s” Julia dearly misses her. “My beautiful, sweet dog Millie passed away last summer, and I have been looking for someone special to do a portrait of her for me. She was a whippet and so elegant and graceful both physically and spiritually. I hope you can see that in the picture I’ve attached.”


Yes, I could. Gadora later sent her a picture my family’s own sweet Whippet “Bowie” who also left us last summer, after giving us 17 years of smiles, and we  exchanged some silly e-banter about their antics, personalities and how much we missed them. Here is Millie in her Charlotte, NC home with her siblings: 2 Italian Greyhounds. A rare, quiet moment of the three.

Millie in the Middle
Millie in the Middle


Because of their similar expressions and shiny black nose, painting Millie was a lot like painting Bowie. I’d like to think Miss Bozer-Nozer and Lil Millie are happily chasing one another like crazy in doggie heaven. Here is her portrait…

Miss Millie
Miss Millie

To which Julia replied, “I just got Millie’s portrait, and words fail! I cannot tell you how perfect it is – I LOVE it! Once I have found a frame that fits, it will be on display at the center of our home. I am so happy that Daily Candy showed you off, I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job!”

Thank YOU Julia.

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