Shabby Chic table and chairs (2)…

From the last post of the shabby table reno, Gadora commissioned a new set. Having served their family for years, the Early’s were eager to have the table and chairs refashioned to move into their new house.

Table and Chairs - BEFORE
Table and Chairs – BEFORE

• • •

After meeting, we chose a blue undertone (Valspar’s Balmy) with a white top coat. The entire set was meticulously sanded. Have I said how much I love my Bosch sheet sander?

S.Bent Bros logo underneath chairs
S.Bent Bros logo underneath chairs

Gadora lightly sanded the S. Bent & Bros Colonial Chairs logo branded into the wood of each chair’s undercarriage, taking care not to paint over. Eventually, a white latex coat was applied after the initial blue paint dried, and after the third sanding.

Chairs - spindles
Chairs – spindles

• • •

For the lone schoolhouse style chair, which in the new home would nestle underneath the kitchen desk, we decided to reverse the process.

Desk Chair - BEFORE
Desk Chair – BEFORE


Bits were sanded to reveal the white undercoat. The nibbled spindles underneath (from the family’s two cantankerous Corgis) become an integral character component.

Desk Chair - AFTER
Desk Chair – AFTER

StripeOnce all layers were set, the fun part began… Gadora, in her fancy shop glasses, sanded until the garage was covered in a light dusty haze. The result, a nicely weathered table with hints of the wood underneath. The balmy blue is so subtle.

Table - Detail
Table – Detail

• • •

The chairs make a spectacular sight with their spindles. Gadora gave their seats a lil’ distressed nudge. The family, bellies full and bums heavy from dinners together, will do the rest.

Chair - AFTER
Chair – AFTER

• • •

The final table and chair set, propped without the two leaves, makes a quaint bistro-style arrangement. The Early’s promise a pic of their new-old dining set, set up in their new space.

Table & Chairs - AFTER
Table & Chairs – AFTER

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