Taylor (with Susan)

The first Animal Print to come in from the DailyCandy mention included Susan, her human (thank YOU Nancy). Gadora hadn’t mastered a “people” yet, and was eager to get started…

Susan and Taylor
Susan and Taylor

StripeThis Giant Schnauzer is as active as her owners. She watches over her Nevada kingdom, perched high on her spa deck, sometimes allowing Kitty to join her. Though Nancy says she’d prefer her throne alone. This bearded lady likes hiking, kayaking, swimming and boating… “anything her peeps are doing,” adds Nancy.

Taylor swimming
Taylor swimming

• • •

Susan and Taylor
Susan and Taylor

Not particular to outdoor activities, Taylor exercises her outside voice whenever she sees fit. “She’s the best little singer you ever did hear — right on cue and capable of many pitch changes,” offers Nancy. This week Taylor will sing “Happy Birthday” to Susan, with Nancy as back-up, and smile through her beard as Susan opens her gift.

Happy Birthday.

2 thoughts on “Taylor (with Susan)

  1. Do you have fixed prices already determined for commissioning one of these masterpieces? This is assuming you typically accept commissions on request? If so – let me know? I think your work is wonderful!

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