Simple mirror redo.

Sometimes when Gadora catches her reflection, it is my dear Grandmother Velma who peers back at me. I’ve claimed her button nose. She’s in my jowls. She appears in my progressively more furrowed, though happy, brow. And while not captured in any mirror, she’s positively reflected in my spirit.

Mirror - BEFORE
Mirror - BEFORE

When searching for a theme for today’s blog, Gadora stumbled across a quote. “I feel that it is healthier to look out at the world through a window than through a mirror. Otherwise, all you see is yourself and whatever is behind you.” ~ Bill Withers

Which led me to a song…

• • •

Indeed, my hands remind me of Grandmother’s. Always into something. I’ve caught myself resting my index finger on the tip of my nose, pensively, with my thumb splayed across my cheek. She used to do that, and I giggle when I find I do. But, I digress…

Mirror and Gadora - BEFORE
Mirror and Gadora being goofy - BEFORE

Gadora found this wood mirror at a garage sale in Ft. Worth a few months back. Picked up for a song, I carted the sturdy thing home and began working on its transformation. The whole thing was sanded, the holes filled…

Mirror - Crackle
Mirror - Crackle

A bottom layer of dark brown paint covered up the black. Once dry, I applied a layer of the Crackle medium and sat with it a few minutes until the top taupe coat could be applied.

StripeOnce dry, Gadora weathered the entire surface with a light layer of the dark brown paint, and pulled it off with a slightly damp rag. Then applied the top poly shimmer. The result is a mirror fit for any wall.

Mirror - AFTER
Mirror - AFTER

While I have to look behind me to see my Grandmother, she is alive in my reflection. She is alive as I view the world through her eyes, as I focus forward, through the lessons that shaped my mother and lessons she would in-turn bestow upon me. It doesn’t take a mirror to see that.

One thought on “Simple mirror redo.

  1. As I read that, tears came and I have to agree – you do sometimes remind me of Mom – in another way as well – creativity. She always loved flowers in her house picked from the garden or fashioned beautiful quilts from our old dresses. The twig hanging was so ‘grandma’ as she loved nature and often saved a knotted root to add to her flower bed or lay on a table. She’d be so proud of you!

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