it’s in the details…

Last week, Gadora happily adopted out the Kindel vanity and Lane side-table to a delightful couple who responded to two separate Craigslist posts. It was so nice to meet them. As new homeowners, R. and T. promised their fresh furnishings would be perfect for their space.

As we conversed about the pieces (and moved them out into the sunlight for a brighter look), it was evident they had been reading Gadora’s musings. They mentioned they’d also responded to a request, and were chosen, for HGTV’s Property Virgins. Filmed earlier this year, this is their new home…

Kindel's new home
Kindel's new home

T. was kind enough to send a picture. And R. was thoughtful enough to send the following, “[We] were gushing about the whole experience and our beautiful new pieces all the way home! We’re getting the word out about you, ms. wilderS*– you’ve got fans 🙂 Thanks again for the pieces and your wonderful craftsmanship! You brightened some engineers’ day!”

And with that email they completely brightened mine, too. While Gadora adored both pieces, as they were truly a labor of love, I am elated they’ve found such good people to live with!

* The “S” references the BlogLuxe nomination for “BEST EYE CANDY” whereby “gadorawilders” was nominated with an “S.” We chatted about that too. Now, there are 2 nominations for this here blog, and while more votes weighed in for gadora with an “S”, both have been pushing traffic Gadora’s way…

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