KIRK ~ modern design

Sandra, through GiantNoise!, treated Gadora to a proper reception at KIRK modern design last night. Free-flowing tequila (mmmm!) wet our whistles as we mingled throughout the well-appointed space. With a nicely edited and eclectic mix of vintage modern furnishings and decorative accessories, Jeff Kirk, the store’s proprietor, is Gadorable.

as seen through PIRWI's SAK shelves...
as seen through PIRWI's SAK shelves...

Tonight’s main attraction: PIRWI. Furniture for the home committed to high quality, green manufacturing and good design, and Kirk’s space is the only US store to offer. Emiliano Godoy and Luis Mercado, co-founder and designer  at PIRWI respectively, talked Sandra and I through some of their designs.

PIWRI's pack of perros
PIWRI's pack of perritos

Made from teak, sustainably harvested in Western Mexico, each dog is named after a famous Mexican wrestler. Ven aqui Nacho Libre!!!

Hiab Chair ~ designed by Luis
Hiab Chair ~ designed by Luis Mercado

Luis requested I sit in his chair. “Not because [he] designed it, but because it’s a great chair,” he confides. Gadora obliged. Emiliano explained that from the original wood panel the chair is drawn from, it takes a full day to manufacture each one. No nails. Full comfort. Gadora likes.

The Mugger...
The Mugger...

Gadora also likes Charles and Marie’s Park planter series. Tiny porcelain scenes played out on top of these lidded planters. Yeah, I miss New York.

Thelermont Hupton's wall-mounted coat hooks
Thelermont Hupton's wall-mounted coat hooks

Thinking of Jax, whose second language is sign, this series of wall hooks gave Gadora a smile.

"Rock On" wall hook
"Rock On" sister

LOVED Frederique Morrel’s vintage Parisian needlepoint poufs, each with its own “re-birth certificate” and born on date. And even more fun that fondling the poufs is saying, “I fancy Parisian Poufs!” In the back you can see a sliver of Kirk’s Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Egg chair. (I didn’t dare sit in it!)

stack of Morrel poufs...
stack of Morrel poufs...

Good times were had at the Kirk gallery. Great to visit with some innovative thinkers, there is no shortage here.

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