24″ round table

At the risk of aging myself, today’s project conjured up a long-ago song that was Gadora’s favorite. (It shared top billing with Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” but I prefer YOU NOT ask!) I’d spin my Lionel Richie album, paying particular attention to “Round and Round.Yeah, yeah, yeah! Oooooh baby!

Side table - BEFORE
Side table - BEFORE

It’s hotter than a witch’s teet here in Texas, AJ’s feeling it too. But he wouldn’t dare NOT accompany me in the workshop. It’s just too fun.

At almost the halfway point, I’ve applied wood-glue to the inside joints, sanded the entire surface, and painted the undercoat with a great red.

Table - part deaux
Table - part 2

Next? Top coat of Behr’s butterscotch-colored latex, a light sanding, perhaps some deeper brown detailing, then a top coat. Then… you’ll see the big reveal.

2 thoughts on “24″ round table

  1. omg, i was shocked — SHOCKED — to see you painted this one red, too. that little table is so precious! but ah, butterscotch, aha! i am beginning to see the possibilities. MY GOD, THE POSSIBILITIES.

    to answer your question, yes, i am excited.

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