all things austin design…

While researching people I HOPE TO MEET here, Gadora came across the blog all things austin design. Owner and lead designer of a fresh new design studio (Design + Stuff) in Austin, I immediately think Adrienne Breaux is Gadorable! She knows Austin, after all, as evidenced by her posts on Austin Handmade…

Austin Homemade
Austin Handmade

She’s a virtual tour guide by way of posting must-see Austin shops on Apartment Therapy

Mercury on West 2nd
Mercury on West 2nd

And she gives back. Not afraid of elbow grease, she worked on the Windsor Park Community Garden…

Fence-a-thon block party...
Fence-a-thon block party...

Today, saddled with a huge project, she finds the time to blog Gadora Wilder’s Kindel vanity, AND the post on where to buy it (click text to read her post)…

“I’ll definitely want to spend more time on this talented local later, but in the meantime, check out for yourself the stylish repurposing of Gadora Wilder. Her fabulous job on this recently refinished old vanity proves her skill and keen eye!”

THEN…. spends a moment to write and say since we haven’t yet met, hope this will suffice… Well, YES. It does. But I can’t wait to meet her.

One thought on “all things austin design…

  1. Eeek! How sweet! I swear we’ll have lunch one of these days! Thanks for posting about me! I think you are gadorable too!

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