She’s my cherry pie…

Originally, Gadora believed this Kindel vanity table desired a decoupage of maps on its top, and I found some doozies: maps of the Holy Land, Europe, the world as it was—all from several National Geographic magazines, circa 1964.

Kindel vanity ~ maraschino style
Kindel vanity ~ maraschino style

As Gadora envisioned the finished project the maps just wouldn’t be flashy enough, it wasn’t until I came across a can of red paint that the vanity made sense. It hoped to be peppered with pizazz. Careful to leave the original teal blue details (the inspiration for the maps in the first place), it is starting to take shape.

An inside look...
An inside look...

Gadora “stuck” (thanks Mod Podge) with part of the orginal plan and incorporated a map on the inside… a lil sweet surprise.

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