Red in Fred…

Gadora barreled West today towards Johnson City. Made a 1-day road-trip to Fredericksburg for their monthly Trade Days. As I tore down a hill with open windows and eager eyes, surrounded by mesquite trees and rolling green pastures, and as the Texas sky threatened a serious downpour Gadora slapped the stearing wheel and let out a big, “Whoo-hoo! I live HERE!!!” It was a channeled Smokey and the Bandit moment. And I’m still smiling.

Overlooking the hill country
Overlooking the hill country

Trade Days would have to wait until Gadora visited Red, an online summer discovery. When I lived in Fredericksburg more than a decade ago, during a time I refer to as my “previous life,” there was truly only Homestead, then the pinnacle of home decor.

Red. In Fred.
Red. In Fred.

I was in women’s fashion. But I went in to gawk. A very ABC kind of place, it offered the kind of interior gems only afforded those with healthy pockets. But its inspiration was free.


Red incorporates a saucy mix of old and new. New upholstery on vintage shapes. Metal cabinets gleam with a newish shimmer. Red offers up new ways at looking at old things. And, they seem to value a naked mannequin as much as Gadora.


A butterfly man on a stick table, set beside a brilliant robins-egg sofa.


Paula and I wound around the store and visited a moment with Beverly. I told her about Gadora, and said I’d prolly post a few pics I’d been snapping. I trust our paths will cross again.

New light in old golf ball carriers...
New light in old golf ball carriers...

Gadora has wanted to do this very thing with old, oxidized bird cages.

Red's welcoming interior.
Red's welcoming interior.

Had Gadora only been greeted by the Hawaiian grass-skirted umbrellas on the stores’ historic stone porch, without the promised charms of its magical interior, I may have passed. Fredericksburg’s streets were hopping today with old and young and frugal spenders. And today, it was hopping with a Gadora with a plan. It felt great to finally step inside.

2 thoughts on “Red in Fred…

  1. Ooo… We are thrilled and honored to be on your blog! I love the pictures you took of red and enjoyed your writing as well. Come and visit any time, even despite the umbrellas!

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