Take. it. off!

The modest Lane table is giving Gadora fits. She simply will. not. strip. Whoever thought it a good idea to irresponsibly shellac this table, then to ignore the drips underneath its surface… well, they simply need a schooling in the art of being good to furniture.

Lane Side Table
Lane Side Table

Gadora has gone through a WHOLE bottle of “green” stripper, begging the question, “If I have to use excessive amounts of green stripper, am I really being green?” Well, no. I am not. Gadora has now procured a proper can of serious stripper and even after three applications is still finding the table won’t entirely strip.

Close up.
Close up.

See? This has been a lesson in patience, my dear. A little sweat equity can pay off. I will see. No, I will see.

On a run last week to discover Austin’s most fab furniture stores, I slipped into the now famous “HomeGirls.” Met with Mom Kathryn, who was delightful, and chatted a bit about my new city. “You will love it here,” she smiles. I tell her about Gadora, and the Lane table I’m still working on, and she points me to hers. Right there, sitting quietly on display is mines match. Shy to take a picture, it gives me some gumption to push for a weekend completion.

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