There’s a New Girl in Town…

Cause I’m feeeeeeling good!

Looking for more suitable pastures, Gadora loaded up The Paiger and headed South to Austin. The family (myself included) was astonished with the amount of  belongings she would carry: a Lane table, the Kindel vanity, my Schwinn, tools, a tool box and tool pouch (both full), paint and stain, clothes on their hangers, shoes (and lots of them), a big box of bath products, my laptop, printer and office supplies, a new jazzy record player and album collection AND Harley and Peepers in their carriers…

In Austin in just over 3 hours and we consumed under a half a tank. If I didn’t love The Paiger before, there’s no reason not to now! She is a cavernous and magnificent creature.

E-bantering with a Florida friend today, Gadora mentioned the projects my BFF and I have accomplished for her home in the days since my arrival. Painted her guest bath, switched the contents of her two spare bedrooms, reorganized the pantry, and somewhat acclimated the cats to their new digs.

He responds, “I am getting visions of the intro to the old TV show “Alice” without her son Tommy or Mels diner crew…I love Austin.” I didn’t ask if it was the mention of my own white wonder wagon, or that I am forging my own path. No matter…

With some luck and love, life’s gonna be sooooOOoooo sweet!

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