Tie One On.

NoLa was a blast. More than the famous Cafe’ du Monde beignets, the cemetery tour of St. Louis No. 1, the trolley ride past the Robert E. Lee monument taken over by Confederate-clad KA boys and lushy sorority girls, I most* enjoyed the company of my girlfriends and our morning chats with continental breakfast in Bienville House‘s courtyard.

On one stroll back to our hotel, Gadora popped into a hippish his/her shop with an apparently deaf-to-his-own-noise DJ just long enough to lift two cupcakes for my girls. Music booming, I quickly headed towards the door. Upon my exit I spied this chair…

Woven tie chair.
Woven tie chair.

Since seeing the recycled belt rug at Branch, Gadora has been thinking of other ways to recreate it. Have an inkling this tie idea would make a headboard.

Have a seat.
Have a seat.

Gadora couldn’t stick around long enough to peer underneath. But I know I can get my hands on some seat-less chairs. And adore the idea!

Pull up a chair.
Pull up a chair.

*Tied was the unforgettable mouthful of hand-made potato gnocchi tossed with blue crab and Perigold truffle at August, happily celebrating Penny’s 30th year of life.

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