Baby, It’s cold outside.

Bundled in sweats, Gadora spent the bulk of April’s 5th day making sense of the item-surplus in the garage (let’s call it a shop, shall we?), and reorganized it for a bit more space. The Kindel vanity has been weighing heavily on my mind. There is much to do to make it sparkle…and I see decoupage.

Lori Marsha's Spaceball Rocker
Lori Marsha's Spaceball Rocker*

Gadora scored a stack of well-preserved ’60s maps stripped from the pages of National Geographic. I purchased my first brayer and am now ready to get to work. But baby, it’s cold outside and as such here’s a nod to my celebrity girl-crush Zooey Deschanel. As the April wind howls around me, Gadora can’t get this number out of my noodle.

Ok, back to the Kindel. A more recent obsession is my Fisher Price glow globe with view finder I’ve happily carted around these here United States. Noticed in a box yesterday, it wants to come out. Bought it as an adult on a road-trip to Houston, it still makes me giddy.

Fisher Price globe w/ view finder
Fisher Price globe w/ view finder

I adore the idea of re-purposing an outdated map. Cartographers forgive me. Many maps served this Bombus chair well. I’ll not yet try my Mod Podge on the curved surface of the Kindel’s legs, but will try my hand on it’s top.

'60s map of London on chair
'60s map of London on chair

Another table by Bombus. LOVE it.

Bombus '50s London decoupage table
Bombus '50s London decoupage table

It should warm up tomorrow and Gadora should get out there and get to it; my Kindel vanity wants to earn its name.

*Gadora ADORES Lori’s fund-raiser rocker.

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