Mirror, mirror…

Gadora recently set out to bring home a heap of furnishings from area garage sales. The day was a driving bust. However, Rosie found this mirror-less dresser frame tucked deep inside an otherwise hopeless garage.

Mirrorless frame
Mirrorless frame

There is a weathered mirror frame at Shoestring Interiors I wish to immulate. This one called for color. First, I applied a light coat of banana yellow and wet-ragged it to remove excess paint before it dried. Next, Gadora applied a nice latex taupe.

Here, you see Gadora’s own hand applying the top coat of brown latex paint. Once paint  layers dried I painted a clear polyurethane top coat to add luster.


Mirror- Close-up
Mirror- Close-up
Mirror - AFTER
Mirror - AFTER

Final mirror and frame measure 44″ x 43″. Pops helped Gadora adhere the backing to the  frame to give all a finished look. We stood back for just a second and gave our mirror one last glance, it’s a looker alright.


Supplies: frame of choice, latex paints in color of choice, wet rag and poly finish. Don’t forget the mirror.

How To: sand frame to ready paint for application. Apply layer of paint, lightly brush off with wet rag. Repeat as many layers as you’d like colors. Once you’re happy with your outcome, apply a light polyurethane finish to seal paint. Fasten mirror. Tah-dah!!!

Time it takes: 2 hours, start to finish.

One thought on “Mirror, mirror…

  1. This would also look great with a shabby chic French-type finish for the kitchen with a blackboard instead of a mirror.

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