The one that got away…

Gadora worked extra long to give those lamps their lustre. The lengthy transformation was partly due to the rewiring fiasco which took place during last week’s American Idol competition. I’d set up shop on the living room floor and began the tedious task of reassembling the lamps…thread the cord through washer A, “oh that was so the wrong song choice”, through bolt B, through shaft of metal rod, “Simon you are indeed ruthless”, through switch and harp and top bolts, etc. And because my heart was only half into rewiring, I found I’d missed integral components FIVE times and had to disassemble and rewire before each flip of the switch…

Lamp with original shell shade
Lamp with original shell shade

With only ONE of the original Capiz shell shades any good (it even had a nick and a small layered chunk missing), Gadora pieced it back together and turned it on. The scallops gave such pretty shape underneath the light. The shade was in prefect proportion to the base. Gadora is sad to see this one go.

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