Let there be light.

On the Saturday Traci and Gadora scoured the prickly Texas countryside in search of adventure and estate sales, our first stop was a heavily polyurethaned Lane side table and a few bits to some Philippine Capiz shell lamps short of a bust.

Shell Lamp - BEFORE
Shell Lamp – BEFORE

New shades decided upon, Gadora began transforming  the turned wood bases.

Lamp Parts
Lamp Parts

Painted a wet black, then dry brushed with both gold and pearl, Gadora finished each base with a clear varnish. Those dry, Gadora rewired and reassembled the lamp components. Through a few trial and errors, and only one flipped breaker switch, the lights were on!

Shell Lamp Base and detail
Shell Lamp Base and detail

Of the 5 bases and parts I originally brought home, I pieced together an eventual 3 lamps. Propped up at Shoestring Interiors, it is hard to imagine their former selves.


Shell Lamp - AFTER
Shell Lamp – AFTER



Supplies: any odd or funky lamp, innards for rewiring (plug, cord, sockets), lamp harps, finials, paint for refashioning and imagination.

How to: decide how your lamp wants to be refashioned. Follow instructions on the packaging for replacing cords and sockets. Trust Me. If the lamp has many parts, make a diagram of how it all fits together (as you’re taking it apart), so you’ll know how it goes back together. Trust Me.

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