Lil side table with stripes

Rosie brought Gadora home a wee lil table. A dime-a-dozen side table often overlooked in homes decorated in the ’90s. Almost light lodge meets country charm… sans the charm. Gadora knew immediately it’d rock with the striped coffee table.

Side Table - BEFORE
Side Table - BEFORE

As such, it was painted one coat of light taupe, allowed to dry, then taped off. The top was painted in stripes. Once dry, Gadora painted black-gray latex on one section at a time then wiped off with a damp cloth. Once dry, a coat of poly was applied, then later a layer of furniture wax was applied and buffed off.

Side Table - w/ paint

In just two days of work (with only 3 hours between them), Gadora refashioned an otherwise so-so side table into something rather sweet. Starting this day a work is only truly complete when it’s been given its seal of approval. See?

Gadora Wilder was here.
Gadora Wilder was here.


Side Table - AFTER
Side Table - AFTER


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