Way out Westin-Nielsen chairs

Gadora has long entertained an enthusiasm for fantastic chairs. Pinpointed to the precise moment my junior-high eyes gazed upon a pair of caramel-colored Wassily Chairs sitting in a strangely magical Scandinavian store in the mall. It’s near impossible to forget your first love.

Curly the Turkey
Curly the Turkey

Gadora found three swivel Westin-Nielsen chairs in a Dallas junk shop. Boasting their original orange, black and olive mod weave fabric they called out for a new space. Pulling parts from the third, I refashioned two fine chairs with metal casters, cleaned them up and shined their bases.


…with a little help from my friends.


Westin-Nielsen chair front
Westin-Nielsen chair front

Once placed in their new home, the pair could snug up to the ends of a dining table, swivel down to fit under a desk or provide a stylish seating arrangement for a good long read.

Westin-Nielsen chairs
Westin-Nielsen chairs


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