Kindel vanity with mirror…

Gadora found a vanity with a mirror in a lady’s garage (let’s henceforth call her “Crazy Cakes”). CC posted her stuff on Craigslist and I responded. We agreed to meet. “We’re off Keller-Hicks road, just past the Extreme Dream House Make-Over TV show home” she rattles in one breath, “you caaaain’t miss us.” I’d remembered that Ty Pennington’s “Extreme Home Makeover” had indeed come quite close to our Lil Keller hood. And Gadora was happy to see it.

Extreme Home Makeover ~ Keller, TX
Extreme Home Makeover ~ Keller, TX

Well, I did miss Crazy Cakes’ house. Her erroneous directions were long-winded, and didn’t include a drive by the Extreme Home. Gadora finally arrived to find  CC had a whole mess of stuff in her garage. I specifically wanted this dresser but “Crazy Cakes” insisted I look at ALL her stuff. It took me a day to think about it (she was a pushy, pushy ‘garage’ sales girl). She’d quoted me a price, and that’s all she would do.

Kindel vanity
Kindel vanity

By the following day, CC had called and texted (both more than once) to see if I was interested in ALL of her pieces. I agreed to come back by, and through some wheeling-n-dealing got my Kindel vanity with mirrored top. Love it! Planning to decoupage some vintage National Geographic maps I scored at Sunday’s Estate Sales, I think it’s new skin will fit right in.


Doing some preliminary research, I’ve found “Kindel” online. But not having luck identifying this particular piece. *Gadora needs the help of your savvy friend who surfs ebay with the greatest of ease.

Kindel vanity - BEFORE
Kindel vanity - BEFORE

** Gadora’s take on the Extreme Home… it’s ghastly over-sized. Plopped down on an ugly, ugly street West of Keller (tall browning prairie grass, horse pastures kicking up sandy dirt, and  bare Mesquite trees) it is a spectacle. People craning their necks to gawk at it and parked in the middle of the road, months after it was revealed (both live and then on TV), it draws a crowd. Nestled closely to the moderately sized dwellings it shares a street with, it’s a far cry from the low-slung ’70s roofs of its neighbors. It’s indeed true. You cain’t miss it.

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