Whisker Lickins Kitty Riser

For a year now, Gadora’s old crotchety cat has had an odd habit. Harley, hardly fond of bath-time, scoops sips of water from his bowl using his precious pink-padded paw. Always his right paw and always a few labored sips before he slowly stoops down to drink the rest.

How we made it happen:

Pops and Gadora tinkered with a scrap piece of wood. Once wood was cut, we “eyed” where screws would adhere top of riser to its base and marked with a pencil. Kids, don’t try this at home. Professionals make a habit of “measure thrice, cut once.” Or so I’ve heard. But since the beneficiary of this project is a 17 year old cat, we figured… why not?

Once paint was to be applied, Gadora’s Turkey Friend stopped by to help. All told the project took less than two hours, with bonus time to pet Lucky and talk a little Turkey.

At project’s end, Gadora styled a shot in the downstairs bath where Nikki took the first nibble. Once upstairs, Harley went straight for the water bowl, skipping the usual pleasantries of using his paw. We had measured correctly.

Nikki in the buffet line
Nikki in the buffet line

Supplies: scrap wood, screws, “oops” paint, brush, Turkey friend

Easy Peasy: Cut wood to desired length/width. Pops and I used (in our shop goggles) a 12″ round table saw.  Preholes were drilled where we wanted to adhere “top” to “legs” underneath, then screwed into place. Gadora lightly sanded entire surface. An “oops” latex was applied to entire surface then allowed to dry. A much darker latex paint was dry-brushed across surface, with a third accent color stroked on top. Once dry, several coats of polyurethane were applied. Voila. Happy snarfing, Harley.


Cantankerous Cat Riser
Cantankerous Cat food riser

Finished cat riser length is 21″, with rise at about 3 1/2 inches. Mmmmm good.

Lickey Boy
The happy attack Cat

One thought on “Whisker Lickins Kitty Riser

  1. Hi, Gadora,
    Our cat Hans Geiger used to use his paw to drink with too, he would hold the paw in the water, and lick off the top of it. After shoulder surgery, he had a hard time, but once he was strong again, he did it again. It was a sign he was better. My other cat would only drink milk with his paw (so it would reach to the bottom of the glass). I think it warms it up too.
    Now, my sister in law’s miniature pincher had a cough from a narrow trachea, so they were advised to use a platform for him to eat and drink from- so this would be good for that too; they even make little wire devices to hold the bowls up. This is much nicer and you can use any bowl!
    Like your paintings very much.

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