Parthenon Side Table

Rescued from a surprisingly interesting estate sale in Watauga, TX  last weekend “this find” showed signs of neglect. Shoppers passed it for brass candle holders and baby clothes and after a brisk and low-ball negotiation, Gadora dragged the table home.

Sofa-table - BEFORE
Sofa-table - BEFORE

Gadora set it outside and began the circling game, angling to uncover it’s hidden potential. What color did it want to be? Offer the doors new pulls? Did I really need to buy this? While it is true the marble top rocked and the decorative molding muffled a quiet spark… it’s luster lacked.



And then Eureka! Shabby chic would meld with Hollywood Regency in a deliberate and enchanting way. First I dismantled the doors (buh-bye, taking care to save the door-pulls and hardware for future projects) and removed the marble top. The entire piece received a mellow yellow coat of paint. Allowing it to dry, I followed the yellow with a more subtle taupe.

Detail - AFTER
Detail - AFTER

The final detail was to puppeteer between a chocolate-coffee paint and a slightly damp sponge. Paint on. Wipe Off. Paint on. Wipe Off. This mastered, Gadora waxed the outside and applied a sealer on the inside bottom.

Parthenon Table - AFTER (2)
Parthenon Table - AFTER (2)

Yes. It is a stretch to compare this refurbished 20th century side table to Athen’s Parthenon, but its ashy exterior and veined marble top invoke a certain strength. Athena—the Goddess for which the temple was erected—served as the symbol of the universal human aspiration for wisdom, pure in body, mind and heart.

Gadora LOVES this table. And now that it has been given a new lease on life, it shall henceforth generously be referred to as the “Parthenon Table.” Goddess Athena would totally understand.

Parthenon Table - AFTER
Parthenon Table - AFTER

(28″ x 28″ x 20″)


One thought on “Parthenon Side Table

  1. There is a whole country of this type of furniture out there. Good luck! The next piece could be silvery, or grey to pick up the marble veins. I wouldn’t have thought of taking off the doors.

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