Saarinen-inspired coffee table

It’s hardly a convincing knock-0ff to the discerning eye, I realize, but it is what it is. After trading two Navy Side Chairs, Gadora was determined to breath new life into the Saarinen-inspired table. At first I planned to replace the tabletop entirely, but finding the wood was in decent—if not sticky—condition, decided only a good sanding and finish was necessary.


Playtime out at the workshop...
Playtime out at the workshop…

Two layers of stain were eventually applied, as the first layer ran. The table was then spot sanded and a final layer of stain applied. Drying overnight, a light layer of wax was applied as a follow-up, then wiped off.

DIY supplies...
DIY supplies…

The most fun came in revealing the shimmer of the base. Like the Tulip Chair its shape is distinctive, but unlike Saarinen’s this called for a return to the original metal.

A work in progress...
A work in progress…


Original sheen
Original sheen

This project took 3+ days all told. The stain needed a thorough drying before a light sanding took hold. Initially Gadora thought the laminate trim could be removed without a hitch. Not-so-much. Wood glue was used to re-adhere the trim along the side, then allowed to dry overnight and sanded smooth. Voila! It’s Gadora-ble.

Coffee Table - DONE
Coffee Table – DONE

4 thoughts on “Saarinen-inspired coffee table

  1. Wow! You did a great job on the wood. I never would have thought that the painted part could have been cleaned. You’re wasting yourself on the faux Mediterannean stuff. Stick with the mid century modern things and resell them. Ann

  2. i meant that i love THIS one. i know you sent the striped one somewhere, but it wasn’t QUITE my style, anyhow.

    THIS one, however.
    what’re you gonna do with it?

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