SOLD – modern arc floor lamp

On a recent shopping trip to Arlington’s Thrift City, Laura and Gadora spotted this loverly arc lamp. Its plug had been chopped off and its copper wires were splayed at the end. The stand was wobbly in its marble base. But Gadora loved it.

Arc lamp - AFTER
Arc lamp - OFF

Gadora and her Pops worked a few hours on making this lamp shine. Tediously twisting it apart to pull the chord, then carefully rewiring it with brand new parts, tightening it at the base, and wiping it clean of grime and prints.

Arc lamp - ON
Arc lamp - ON

Gadora posted it on Craigslist. Hoping it would sell, but maybe not all that bad.

George Kovacs-inspired Arc Floor Lamp with marble base. This adjustable-height floor lamp provides a glowing down-light. Finished in chrome, the body of the lamp has an adjustable arc shape. The white marble base complements the glass-like dome shade. Completely rewired. Absolutely in perfect shape.
* Adjusts from 73″ to 81″ high.
* 67″ wide.

4 thoughts on “SOLD – modern arc floor lamp

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