Savvy Shelf

Gadora has always had a thing for fashion magazines. In fact, they are often piled up in various spots around my home. When the piles are bordering unmanageable, I’ll sort them and pull out tears: brilliant bathroom ideas, recipes, gardening tips, etc. In New York it was common to leave read pubs on the lobby’s dresser for neighbors to peruse.

Recycling magazines
Recycling magazines

2′ x 4′

Gadora had a space above her kitchen. The wall on top of the stairs needed something snazzy, so I set to work organizing the tears into colors and shapes. The bowling alley off Union Square ran great ads in the TONY so I started from there and built a non-theme around that.

Easy to Do: Collect a few magazines, tear out what you want and arrange how you see fit. It’s easier to figure out your pattern and apply the glue with a brush to the wood shelf itself, then stick on your images. Once the surface is dry, apply a light coat of glossy clear glaze to give your work a proper finish.

Supplies: a flat surface, magazines, scissors, glue, paint brush, water, glaze, a colorful imagination.

close-up Medusa figure
close-up Medusa figure

This shelf was actually not used as such, but more a decorative panel placed on a ledge above the doorway.

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