Maya was a rescue dog, but certainly no ordinary mutt. She was plucked from the wilds of Africa when my parents lived in Cameroon and came at a time when they weren’t sure they wanted a companion. She was irresistible with her shiny black coat and nose for adventure. She certainly had her fill of those.

Maya. You are missed.
Maya. You are missed.

4″ x 6″
A Gift.

StripeShe left Cameroon for the spoils of Ottawa and discovered she LOVED the snow. She later trekked back across the Pacific where she sniffed the dusty outskirts of Jerusalem’s Old City. With each journey she became more feisty (an unfortunate under-exaggeration) and much more protective of her owners. When asked for a quote for Maya, my Mom replied, “I’m on to you…come near my Momma and you’re in trouble!” She was indeed Alpha when any one else was looking.

Those who knew her intimately knew she was a sweet pup. She liked her fair share of snuggles. Maya retired in Alabama,  where she loved the scent of grass and golf cart rides towards The Pond. Her last days were spent under the sweltering southern sun, where Gadora believes she donned a smile.

Maya - Before
Maya - Before

One thought on “Maya

  1. Love how you told the story of Maya. It has been 2 years since she went to doggie heaven and we miss her still. Mom

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