Post-election Aristo-crap…

Bow-Wow Barack.

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Nothing seems to split a nation like some good ole’ fashioned politics. So tonight, exactly one day after a narrowly re-elected 44th President, Gadora pays tribute to some creative Americans who valiantly exercise their right to peddle their artsy politico … Continue reading

Note the tote: Austin’s gotta brand new bag

GoodyBag Etsy

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With Spring done and gone, Gadora reflects on a recent-ish project whereby I had the pleasure of creating a gift tote graphic for my Boss Lady’s intimate wedding. She and her Hubs tied the knot in April, and to help … Continue reading

From rags to riches: recycling magazines

cappellini ottoman

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Mustered a bit of spring cleaning recently and rounded up a large load of magazines. There was a time when they simply arrived. I must have filled out some survey, somewhere, and soon there weren’t enough hours in a day … Continue reading

Love letters…

Home Design Ideas...

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A long-time devotee of doodling, the kiddo Gadora spent many an hour practicing cursive, trying to emulate my Dad’s near-perfect Architectural lettering and scribbling my name in notebooks. I hadn’t a clue one could actually make a living manipulating letters. … Continue reading

Some things are better in pairs…

Some things flourish with a mate. A great lounger and its perfect ottoman. Donny and Marie. Roller Derby and protective gear. Home-furnishings sometimes warrant a coupling of similar items and prove some things are better in pairs. Two candelabras on a well-set table. Or, a pair of lamps flanking a well-made bed. Matchy-matchy is sometimes nice.

And while Gadora is refurbishing a twosome of 3-drawer bed tables, at an admittedly snail-like pace, I’ve been obsessed with homely combos and dig these Mid-Mod speckled-ceramic lamp bases (shade not included) from Etsy Seller: FabulousMess.

60s Mid-Mod Lamps

A pair of Vintage Mid Century Modern bookshelf speakers. “Each speaker measures 13 1/2″ tall and 10″ in diameter,” adds Etsy Seller Modnique, and “have been tested and work great.” Not at all sure how the “bookshelf” comes into play, but here you are.

Modnique's speaker tables...

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Not so mellow yellow…

Late last week a dear friend won on ebay, with an admirably low bid, this marvelous Mid-century modern yellow Drexel credenza. Beforehand she sent its picture around, wondering if we liked it too. Oh, YEAH! Get it girl, I hoped.

Drexel credenza

Drexel credenza

It is a lovely yellow dresser. And when she sent around the “I won!!” email, I was even more elated. It’s yellow. It’s long. And it’s perfect for her space! Happy, happy.

Today’s gloomy day outside of Dallas challenges my happy place. Sure, there’s the homemade cookies she and I made this weekend, the left-over Maltese doggie kisses, and my almost-finished project in the garage. But it’s not yellow. This drippy weather makes me blue.

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